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Fiduciary Advisors

Some investment stewards who serve on boards and committees that manage 401k plans, endowments and foundations are unaware they serve as fiduciaries and do not realize the full scope of their responsibilities. Many financial advisors who work with 401k plans, endowments and foundations do not assume a fiduciary responsibility; consequently, the investment stewards are left on their own for all fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities. This is not the case with IWM. With increased scrutiny from plan participants, donors and charitable recipients as well as federal regulators, it is important for investment stewards to be educated and informed about their responsibilities. We acknowledge in writing to our clients our fiduciary responsibilities, and help educate and teach investment stewards about their fiduciary responsibilities.

Intermountain Wealth Management’s (IWM) goal is to promote a culture of fiduciary responsibility with our clients and follow global fiduciary precepts as we manage client’s investments. Bryce Anderson holds the designee of Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA). This designation demonstrates an understanding of how to implement processes to help institutional clients fulfill their fiduciary obligations.

IWM serves as a fiduciary advisor under Section 206 of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. IWM also serves as a fiduciary to Retirement Plan Sponsors and participants under ERISA (3) 21.

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Are you a fiduciary?

A fiduciary can be broadly defined as an individual in whom another has placed the utmost trust and confidence to manage and protect property or money.

This obligation can be extended to many people, who may not know they they have this responsibility, or do not understand the extent of their duties.