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What is an Investment Fiduciary?

A Registered Investment Advisor serving as a fiduciary is someone who manages the assets of another person and puts their best financial interests first.

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Financial Services

For Individuals

Our goal as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is simple: help you on your financial journey and together reach new heights.

Financial Services

For Businesses

Intermountain Wealth Management helps employers to organize, formalize, implement and monitor their retirement plan. We provide fiduciary training to help educate and inform those responsible to manage the retirement plan about their duties and responsibilities.

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Why Intermountain Wealth?

We are Registered Investment Advisors serving as fiduciaries

We at Intermountain Wealth Management strive to provide exemplary financial services for clients from all walks of life. Here are two reasons why this is important:


We help individuals put all the pieces of the puzzle together to make one clear financial picture.


With decades of experience and a strong community network, we can help with almost any pain point or issue our clients may have. Instead of spending endless hours of work and stress on your own, let us help create a plan that is easy for you.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on the financial health and happiness of our clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about our financial services? Feel free to schedule an assessment with our team.

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What is a financial advisor?


A financial advisor is someone who provides advice on financial matters to individuals and businesses. At Intermountain wealth management, we help clients create financial plans, manage investments, retirement, and preserve their wealth.


What should I look for in a financial advisor?


There are two areas you must consider: qualification/experience and ethical commitments. It is important to look for someone with not only the right qualifications, but also has experience in both good and bad markets. Not only are we a Registered Investment Advisor, but we also have experience preserving and growing your wealth in both good and bad markets. The highest level of ethics and standards in a financial advisor are: fee-only, independent, and fiduciary.


How often should I meet with my financial advisor?


The frequency of meetings will vary based on your financial plan and goals. We will determine how often we should meet to make sure we are meeting all your financial goals.


Do I need a financial advisor?


Financial Planning can be very stressful if you are not putting your 100% focus on the market. We know that financial planning can be an extremely stressful endeavor, and we are here to support our clients no matter where they are in their lives and careers.


How can I get the most out of working with a financial advisor?


It is important you let us know all of your financial goals and risk preferences. With this information, we will be able to tailor a financial plan to your needs.

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